Hi, we're Boost; a fintech startup building tools to empower the side hustle generation. And, we want your help to get there.

We're excited that you want to work with us. Learn more about why we are so passionate about this space and why the work you do with us will impact the lives of millions of young people.

Open Roles

Product Lead

Senior Product Designer

About Boost

We envision a world where everyone can make a living doing what they love. Without stress, unnecessary headaches, or financial insecurity getting in the way of that dream. To reach this ideal world, we've made it our mission to empower side hustlers with the tools and support they need to reach that place of security.

Boost is the all-in-one tool that helps Gen Z side-hustlers run their business. Half of Gen Zers earn money as creators, gig workers, and resellers. These young moguls manage multiple income streams and have complex financial needs, but no tools to serve them. Yet. That’s where we come in. Boost helps side hustlers and creatives confidently manage their business finances in one place, so they can focus on creating art, making money, and living their best lives.

Our Values

🧭 Adventure

We seek out risks and are always willing to try new things. We embrace discomfort and remind ourselves to push our limits in order to explore new and unknown possibilities.

💎 Authenticity

We promise to always show up as our full and true selves. We remain true to who we are in everything that we do, and take honesty seriously. We aren’t afraid to be different, so long as we are ourselves.

🏅 Collaboration

We believe that together we can go twice as far, twice as fast. We are always seeking new ideas and new people to collaborate with on our journey. We reject the idea that hustling is a lonely journey and build a community around us.

⛰️ Growth

We are lifelong learners and constantly seek new information to grow and improve ourselves. We value a diversity of perspectives. We know the importance of having a vision and set goals to achieve that vision.

☀️ Optimism

We believe in a better future. And, we know that with hope and hard work, all things will work out. We’re confident in our ability to reach our vision, and hold a positive attitude to get us there.

Why Us